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HAVE YOU BEEN HACKED? Are You Under Attack? (CLOUD WAF! FOR VIRTUAL, PHYSICAL AND CLOUD!)Cloud Based Web Application Firewall (WAF) automatically protects your website from these types of attacks!  You Don't Need More Security, You Need Better Security!

Enterprise-Grade Cloud WAF

Cloud-based Multi-tenant Architecture,Machine Learning Engine
Cloud WAF ensures to protect your websites against OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site-scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and illegal resource access. 

Robust Security
Cost Effective
security easily

Responding to Unknown Threats

defending zero day attack and sophisticated threats by collecting, analyzing and sharing the threats.

 Protects against Web Threats

Cloud WAF controls over who and what can access your website. Security as a Service!

Simple Management

Cloud WAF enables you to manage security easily without IT expertise knowledge.


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